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Trending: smartphones are the new smoking
Postural stress occurs with aging, gravity and habits. Many of us spend 2 hours or more per day slumped over smartphones and tablets. Computer work stations are not always ideally comfortable."Tech Neck" is the buzzword used to describe nagging neck pain and shoulder tension that comes along with too much time on our devices. The slumping posture can result in permanent deformity over time. Slumping forward increases the weight of your head on your neck. This adds over 60 pounds of pressure to the spine.  Over time, this actually changes the shape of the spinal column resulting in chronic neck pain and rapid degeneration.

Tech Neck is the term used to describe pain and deformity that occurs with prolonged smartphone/device use.
●Even 15 degrees of forward bending (flexion) can increase the stress of your head on your neck by 3X.
●Taking breaks every 15 minutes to stretch and reset the posture is essential. Good workstation ergonomics minimize muscle and ligament fatigue.
Spinal manipulation can offset the aging posture by introducing correct alignment.

Science Source(s): "Tech Neck" Taking a Toll on Posture. Columbia Spine. 2018.



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