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Dr. Foster has been voted Best of the Best year after year by
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We provide the best of back and neck care using the latest, evidence -informed treatments. Safely.

COVID-19/ 2022

The CDC no longer recommends masking. It is up to you.
Our COVID-19 safety guidelines  include physical distancing of patients, thorough room disinfecting with timed "cool down " periods between patients.
Our  HVAC system  is equipped with a state of the art UV light equipment that cleans the air, killing viruses and bacteria.
Dr. Foster is a member of the University of Arkansas Medical School College of Public Health (COPH) Advisory Board.
The COPH keeps reliable up -to- the-minute guidelines for Covid mitigation in Arkansas.



We are here to help you. Call to make an appointment.

For the first visit, Please bring your driver’s license ,insurance card(s) and relevant imaging reports.

Bring CD copies of XRAYS , MRIs or CTs.

Our clinic is equipped with high speed XRAY.

                                                    Services include:
  • Spine and extremity manipulation
  • Electro and Ultrasound Therapies
  • Low Light Laser
  • Decompression Traction
  • CBD therapy
  • Foot Orthotics
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Natural medicine,nutrition advice and supplementation
  • Ayurvedic Assessment ( by appointment)
  • Posture therapy using the Body Zone method CPEP® Posture Specialist
  • Department of Transportation Medical Exams (DOT by appointment)
  • Chiropractic lifestyle counseling

Financial Matters

We can file insurance claims for you. Most major medical insurance plans offer some coverage for chiropractic services. We also accept Medicare, Worker’s Compensation, and Motor Vehicle insurance. In most cases we can obtain your chiropractic benefits prior to your first visit. Based on the information given to us by your insurance company, we  can estimate your out of pocket responsibility.We offer a cash, self-pay discount at the time of service.

  • Questions? Call: 501-647-2424

  • Medicare
    requires we provide a yearly examination and consultation  that is not covered by Medicare. Medicare will only cover a small portion of your visit and does not cover exercise therapy,well-care, nutrition counseling,physiotherapies, massage or maintenance care. After the first visit you can expect your copay to run around 50-60 dollars per session.

  • Under-insured patients: We are able to offer cash patients a time of service discount. This may apply to cases with large deductibles however no insurance claims can be filed.

  • We file claims for Motor Vehicle accident patients through their auto insurance or other party's auto insurance.

  • Workers Comp claims require special authorization to seek chiropractic care. Please ask your HR specialist.

  • We can verify your insurance benefits for you and often before your first visit.

  • Supports , nutritional supplements and equipment are generally not covered by insurance.

  • Chiropractic care is cost effective.

  • Heath savings accounts and Flexible spending accounts can be used .

  • HSAs and FSAs will cover your supplies (ice packs etc.).

  • HSAs and FSAs will cover your nutritional supplies.

  • HSAs and FSAs will cover topical medicines ( CBD ).

  • Most insurance policies cover XRAY.

  • Medicare does not cover XRAY.

  • Call 501-647-2424 to set an appointment.

  • It is not always possible to estimate your out of pocket expense.

  • After your claim is processed by your insurance company you will be notified by the company.

  • Most insurance does not cover preventative or "wellness" care.

 Ask Dr. Foster

Q:  ICE or HEAT?
A: When it comes to neck and back pain, try ice first. Inflammation around a stressed spine and soft tissues
is the result of friction, pressure and pulling around the joint. When you take Ibuprofen, Aleve, steroids, or other anti-inflammatory drugs to eliminate swelling... it decreases pain. Likewise, ice decreases swelling and is safe and effective treatment for neck and back pain. Ice helps pump the inflammation out of the area, As the tissue cools, the body sends in fresh blood to warm the area, and this promotes healing.     

Q: My neck hurts and it's hard to sit up straight after a day at the computer. I Can't help slumping. What's up?
A: The computer age has brought with it many changes in the ergonomics of desk work. Commonly called "tech neck", the head forward slump so commonly seen with computer and smart phone use is causing a new kind of neck and back pain. Spinal manipulation can help mitigate the postural deformity that the spine undergoes over time. Additionally, I teach my patients a posture awareness and strengthening program based on the work of Dr. Steve Weininger, called Posture Zone. It is a 7-step program that will change the way you think about posture.

Q: Why does my low back hurt when I sit ?
A: More than other positions, sitting puts the most pressure on the low back causing spinal compression and sometimes pain and stiffness. Try alternating between sitting and standing desks and altering the tilt and height of your desk chair to re-distribute weight on the lower spine. Set a timer to stand and walk for 30 seconds every 30 minutes. It only takes a minute to unload the back pressure.

The simple act of arising from a chair improperly can injure your low back. The following tips can help you minimize strain when you stand up. First, slide forward so that only your tailbone is on the front of the chair. Spread your feet slightly more than shoulder-width. Lean forward, but be sure not to bend your back, as you tighten your abdominal muscles. Thrust your hips forward and stand up. When available, use armrests to help push.  Watch this:







back and leg pain

LBP with Sciatica. Pain that travels past the knee down the back of the leg often to the ankle or foot is frequently referred to as sciatica. This may include: a) pain that is longer lasting rather than flaring up for a few days or one to two weeks; b) pain may be greater in the leg than the low back; c) pain is commonly on one side; d) pain is worsened by sitting and or bending ; e) symptoms often include pain, in addition to numbness/tingling, and/or burning; f) muscle damage and weakness on the involved leg may occur as well.

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