CBD Therapy

We have CBD topicals and drops available for patients. Call for curbside delivery!

Reliable and safe CBD products are more than a "buy off Amazon".

The FDA states that over 60% of the over the counter CBD products are contaminated or do not contain the listed amounts of CBD.

Further, there are contraindications to CBD use.

There are still gaps in knowledge regarding the sedative effects of CBD; the impacts of long-term exposure to CBD; CBD administration  and the processes by which full spectrum and broad spectrum hemp extracts are derived, and how those products may compare to CBD isolate products.The FDA recently remarked,"we are aware of the risks posed by product contaminants such as heavy metals, THC or other potentially harmful substances. We also have significant concerns about products marketed with false claims or statements such as omitted ingredients."

We can help you determine if CBD therapy is safe and right for you. If you choose CBD therapy, we will help you access responsibly produced CBD products..

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