New Patients

We welcome new patients.

We know that many new patients are not sure what to expect during their first appointment with a chiropractor. 

We begin by getting to know you and your unique situation. 

Dr. Foster will perform a thorough examination which may require X-rays and other tests to pinpoint your condition.

Consultation and Examination leads to the diagnosis...a key to treatment.

You and Dr. Foster will determine what services and treatment plans are right for you.

Based upon your condition, we will recommend exercises, lifestyle modifications, and nutritional therapies.

Call the clinic for more information. 501-371-0152. 

Call with insurance information and we will verify your insurance coverage .

Bring  a copy of relevant  XRays ,MRIs and CTs  to your first visit.

Dr. Foster reviews all available imaging and records. It is critical to the game plan.

Your past health history and current conditions will help determine the safest and most effective therapy for you.

Because Dr. Foster is known to treat difficult and chronic cases, our intake procedures are thorough.

This is a key to successful treatment.

If your PCP or surgeon refers you for care,they will fax your records to Dr. Foster prior to your first visit.

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