Spinal Manipulation

chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractic manipulation, manual manipulation, or spinal manipulation, is a primary chiropractic treatment for back pain.

Spinal manipulation can safely relieve pressure on joints, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve function. It has been a trusted form of treatment since the ancient Greek Hippocrates documented manipulative techniques in his writings back in 1500 B.C. Today, spinal manipulation is used to treat conditions such as joint pain,menstrual cramps and headaches.

How Does Spinal Manipulation Work?

There many adjustment techniques used by chiropractors throughout the world. The techniques are based in science and anatomy but practically, each skill depends upon the ability of the provider.

Dr. Foster is passionate about the art of spinal and extremity joint manipulation. It should never be rough or grossly applied as a"grab and thrust" maneuver.

A variety of  techniques are used to restore or enhance joint function with the objectives of reducing pain and resolving joint inflammation.

Spinal manipulations are an effective way to treat non-surgical back and neck pain. When the frame is adequately aligned, it can respond and perform as it was built to do.

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